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The blacklist is a set of modules that MechJeb will not load. You can use this to reduce screen clutter or to remove some of MechJeb's functionality.

Any MechJeb part has the following snippet in its part.cfg file:

	name = MechJebCore

Then, for example, to blacklist the Landing Autopilot and Ascent Autopilot (but leave enabled the non-autopilot landing and ascent guidance functions) you would add the following "blacklist = " line to the part.cfg:

	name = MechJebCore
	blacklist = MechJebModuleLandingAutopilot MechJebModuleAscentAutopilot

As this example shows, the blacklist consists of a sequence of internal module names, all on the same line, which MechJeb should not load.

How to blacklist various modules

To blacklist a module you need to know MechJeb's internal name for it. You can find the internal names for all the MechJeb modules below. Some lines list more than one module, meaning that you should include all of those modules in the blacklist in order to fully disable that function.

To blacklist several functions, combine all of their MechJebModules onto one line in the blacklist.

Landing Autopilot (leaving non-autopilot Landing Guidance enabled):
Rest of the Landing Guidance window:
MechJebModuleLandingGuidance MechJebModuleLandingPredictions
Ascent Guidance:
MechJebModuleAscentAutopilot MechJebModuleAscentGuidance MechJebModuleAscentPathEditor
Docking Autopilot:
MechJebModuleDockingAutopilot MechJebModuleDockingGuidance
Rendezvous Autopilot:
MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilot MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilotWindow
Rendezvous Planner:
Rover Autopilot:
MechJebModuleRoverController MechJebModuleRoverWindow
Maneuver node auto-executor:
Maneuver Planner:
Spaceplane guidance:
MechJebModuleSpaceplaneAutopilot MechJebModuleSpaceplaneGuidance
Smart A.S.S.:
Attitude Adjustment window:
Maneuver Node Editor:
Throttle Control window:
Warp Helper:

Blacklisting all autopilots

As a final example, you could remove all high-level autopilots from MechJeb with the following blacklist. This particular choice will leave low-level autopilot functions like Smart A.S.S. or the node auto-executor enabled.

	name = MechJebCore
	blacklist = MechJebModuleLandingAutopilot MechJebModuleAscentAutopilot MechJebModuleAscentGuidance MechJebModuleAscentPathEditor MechJebModuleDockingAutopilot MechJebModuleDockingGuidance MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilot MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilotWindow MechJebModuleRoverController MechJebModuleRoverWindow MechJebModuleSpaceplaneAutopilot MechJebModuleSpaceplaneGuidance