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Once you have rendezvoused with a target in orbit, you can use the docking autopilot to do the final approach and docking. To use the docking autopilot to dock:

  1. Get within about 200 meters of your target. The Rendezvous Guidance module can help you with this.
  2. Choose which docking port on your ship you plan to dock with. Right click that docking port and select "Control from here." The docking autopilot will try to warn you if you seem to have forgotten this step.
  3. Choose which docking port on the target you plan to dock to. Right clock that docking port and click "Set as Target." The docking autopilot will warn you if you forget this step. If you are too far from your target, this option may not appear when you right click the target docking node. In this case, simply target the vessel itself, let the docking autopilot bring you closer, and then target the docking node.
  4. Click the "Autopilot enabled" toggle to turn on the docking autopilot.

As it docks, the autopilot will report what it is currently doing. It will also report "Error X", "Error Y", and "Error Z". These represent the difference between the autopilot's intended velocity and actual velocity along each axis. When these errors are zero, or near zero, the autopilot is successfully following its docking plan.

You can also monitor the docking progress through a custom info window. Create a new custom window and add the two "Docking guidance" info items, found in the "Target" menu of the Custom Window Editor.