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Version 2.5.1

  • More fixes for KSP 1.0+ compatibility
  • Improved landing autopilot with parachutes

Version 2.5

  • Moved DeltaV simulation to use KER code
  • Landing Sim code use KSP 1.0 aero model. However parachute are not properly accounted yet.
  • Display Landing prediction trajectory on the map view
  • Differential throttle control module
  • Warp to suicide burn and to atmospheric entry
  • Ascent AP Auto deploy solar panels (also an InfoItem)
  • Visual display of CoM and various velocity in the attitude menu
  • Improved velocity computation based on CoM instead of active pod
  • SMARTR module for RCS with hold relative velocity for now
  • SmartAss action can be set as vessel Actions
  • Improved node burning over multiple stages
  • Career limit related new infoItems
  • Some performance improvement
  • Reduced memory usage (lower garbage collection)
  • A memory leak fixed
  • the usual various bug fixed
  • and fixes for KSP 1.0 release

Version 2.4.2

  • More fixes for KSP 0.90 compatibility

Version 2.4.1

  • Compatible with KSP 0.90

Version 2.4

  • Compatible with KSP 0.25
  • New interplanetary transfer with porkchop plots
  • Add EQ DN and EQ AN to Apoapsis maneuver
  • Add "Downrange distance" info item to flight recorder
  • Ascent autopilot option to limit the angle of attack
  • Maneuver to change the surface longitude the vessel will be over after one orbit
  • Added Force Roll option to Ascent AP
  • Add more options to SmartASS Surface Mode
  • Support for external gimbal extension (see Sarbian's signature for KM_Gimbal support)
  • Handles engines with spool time better
  • UI rescale setting
  • Import landing site from KerbTown/Kerbal-Konstructs and RSS.
  • Import Landing sites and Runways from users built files (see
  • Don't re-enable SmartASS after another autopilot finishes (and an option to disable it in the windows editor Misc category)
  • In flight lock of some control while the mouse is over MJ windows
  • Replace the arrow selector of some menu with a drop down. Those who don't like it can deactivate it in MJ2 Settings
  • Added a button in KSP stock AppLauncher. See settings to hide the menu handle
  • Various improvement to engine and gimbal torque information and use
  • Various fixes

Thanks to those who submited patch for this release : BloodyRain2k, Meumeu, sanedragon, Wetmelon, xytovl

Version 2.3

  • Compatible with KSP 0.24;
  • 0.24 changed some Parachute code. MJ landing with parachutes will be less precise until Squad fix a bug;
  • Hohmann transfer calculation to always find the first window;
  • Burn with RCS when not other engine is available;
  • Ascent AP can now schedule launches at interplanetary transfer windows;
  • More work on the docking AP;
  • Make orbital calculations compatible with RSS;
  • Add "Escape Velocity" info item;
  • Adds SUN as a Reference for ASAS adv mode;
  • And many bugs fixed;

Version 2.2.1

  • miscellaneous fixes;

Version 2.2

  • 0.23.5 related fixes;
  • Native Blizzy78 Toolbar Support (with default icon set from hab136 for now);
  • Reworked Docking AutoPilot;
  • Install and Compatibility checker (you get a popup if something is not right);
  • use RCS as thruster if RCS is active and engine are stopped;
  • New Rover Autopilot by BloodyRain2k with waypoints and a lot of features;
  • Maneuver mode to adjust Semi-Major Axis and LAN;
  • Selectable Celestial Body for Delta V stats while in the Editor;
  • Improved turn handling by HoneyFox;
  • Improved Landing AP;
  • Dummy part in the R&D screen to show when new features are unlocked;
  • Various fix and improvement;

Version 2.1.1

  • 0.23 support for tweakables and R.A.P.I.E.R. engine;
  • new Rover AP with way point (and an help window);
  • 1 new mode for the Maneuver Planner : Resonant orbit;
  • 2 new modes for the Warp helper : set time and phase angle with target;
  • Windows position saved separately for editor and flight;
  • Blizzy78 toolbar is now supported with an additional module available here : [1];
  • new option for Rover AP : brake on pilot eject;
  • Better real time info for jet engine;
  • Compute thrust cosine loss (see this post [2] );
  • New compact skin;
  • Some performance optimizations;
  • Support for Modular Fuel variable thrust;
  • Support for Interstellar engine;
  • New Current Biome InfoItem;
  • Various bug fix;

Version 2.1

  • Changed the way MJ searches for Modules in other assemblies so a module in an assembly that failed loading doesn't fail loading for everything;
  • Move MJ2 Button with right click, drag & drop;
  • Docking Autopilot Improvement;
  • Let user force Roll for Smart ASS and Docking AP;
  • Improved Attitude controler;
  • Fix for some ship turning to circularize while still in atmosphere;
  • Fix exception spam when launching a vessel with no saved MJ2 setting directly form the Space Center screen;
  • Improved RCS control for Docking;
  • Added a stock-SAS toggle to Attitude Adjustment;
  • Landing Guidance control for Parachutes and Legs;
  • Fixed runway positions for 0.22;
  • Added support for selective module unlocking for Career mode;
  • Added MJ2 Pod;

Version 2.0.9 - pre-release

  • Autostaging will only stage if eventual parachutes are also decoupled in the same stage
  • Landing improvements, especially with the touchdown
  • Improved RCS Torque
  • Increased number of significant figures in some info items
  • Fixed sepratron recognition to use placement angle and not ActivatesEvenIfDisconnected
  • Fixed new autostaging parachute check
  • Fixed math error in rendezvous autopilot match velocities step
  • Changed menu position
  • Fixed rover autopilot swerving when target heading is due north
  • Fixed ascent AP inclination field not saving
  • Fixed problems with dV simulation
  • Add a Conics Mode selector in the Node Editor
  • Warp Helper should now persist lead time and warp target
  • Added sarbian's RCS improvements
  • Added sarbian's conics relativity mode selector
  • Reworked autostaging
  • Fixed the window's buttons
  • 0.21 compatibility changes
  • Disabling SAS use, no longer needed

Version 2.0.8 - pre-release

  • Added info items for dry mass, LF+O mass, and monoprop mass
  • Fixed loss of settings on creating a new vessel with a MJ command pod
  • Improved MoI calculations
  • Improve node execution across 2+ stages
  • Fixed maneuver nodes sometimes wrongly be placed at T-0
  • Restored docking AP warning if target is not a docking node
  • Fixed ascent AP status not showing
  • Made sure "Land at target" can't be invoked when no target exists
  • Fix auto-stage 'post' delay affecting 'pre'
  • Add a Roll field to the SmartASS SRF mode
  • Leave the ascent AP enabled when minimized
  • Added settings window that allows switching to the MJ 1 GUI skin
  • Fix signs for an angle's text representation
  • Added a "restore factory defaults" to the settings window
  • Autostaging options now minimize when autostaging is off
  • Thrust limiter toggles now light up green when active
  • Fixed ILS navball guidance only working when autopilot was on
  • Made target coordinates persistent
  • Made sure Joke module is disabled unless user enables it
  • Made sure thrust control options unhighlight when not active
  • Added a "Create and execute" button to the maneuver planner
  • Fixed RCS Avaiable Torque
  • Hopefully fixed throttle sputtering near end of gravity turn
  • Split "Rendezvous Guidance" into separate Autopilot and Planner windows
  • Changed attitude controller PID parameters to save to Type
  • Changed CFG for 0.20 GameData format
  • Changed the menu position due to the new map buttons

Version 2.0.7 - pre-release

  • Fixing GUI Skin for compatibility with Romfarer's Lazor
  • Added "time to AN/DN" info items
  • Node burn time estimates now take throttle limits into account
  • Added a reminder for Romfarer to fix his GUI handling
  • Node executor will no longer constantly realign in low orbit
  • Added Maneuver Planner field to set tolerance of node executor
  • Improved node executor tolerance logic
  • Fixed hover over the closed menu in the Editor
  • Handle RCS thrusters with forces other than 1 kN
  • Fix the death wobble on ascent
  • Add an RCS delta-V infoitem
  • Fixed bad course corrections by landing AP
  • Disable RCS when the RCS controller is finished
  • Reduce the RCS fuel conservation threshold
  • Add a speed limit to the docking AP
  • All modules should now know about throttle limits
  • Fixed problem where ascent AP would fail to circularize
  • Added a separator item for custom windows
  • Fixed issues with selecting duplicate info items
  • Added N/S/E/W to lat/lon info items, which were missing them
  • Added info items with phase angles for all planets & moons
  • Changed Ascent Guidance to allow launching to rendezvous and plane after the first launch

Version 2.0.6 - pre-release

  • Added moon-return burns to the Maneuver Planner
  • Fixed the LONG standing decoupler auto-staging bug
  • Fix the ascent path texture on relaunch
  • Added option to set final Pe after course correction
  • Added an experimental RCS Balancer
  • Reinstate the "Auto-warp toward apoapsis" option
  • Fixed loss of custom windows on End Flight->VAB
  • Switched default custom windows to use presets
  • Added "Target planet phase angle" info item
  • Added fuel conservation options to RCS Controller
  • Give the landing autopilot an "Auto-warp" toggle
  • Changes to Translatron PANIC!!! button, Smart A.S.S. AUTO handling, and the thrust controller interface

Version 2.0.5 - pre-release

  • Made navball ascent guidance use inclination
  • Added auto-saving of LPA
  • Added autowarp to ascent AP timed launches
  • Add info items that show atmo+vac dV on one line
  • Made angrilov's fix to menu window Rect management
  • Added support for sharing of info windows
  • Added custom window presets
  • Target coordinates info item now uses two lines
  • Rendezvous AP can handle starting from similar orbit
  • Save/Load system overhaul. Should fix the window persistence problems
  • Added menu highlighting for active modules
  • Fixed drop-tank dV and fixed some exceptions in the VAB
  • Shrunk "Edit" and "Copy" buttons on custom windows

Version 2.0.4 - pre-release

  • Added missing options to Throttle Control window
  • Made auto-stage toggle persistent
  • Added some new target info items
  • Fixed coast-to-AP warp
  • Made Vessel targets valid landing targets
  • Add a text box to control ascent "Turn shape"
  • Small usability improvements to windows - Default position for windows is no longer on top of warp buttons
  • Added two node info items
  • Added a pre-delay to autostaging
  • Fixed bad bug with node executor

Version 2.0.3 - pre-release

  • Translatron added back
  • Fixed F2 sync issues
  • Added Rover Controller

Version 2.0.2 - pre-release

  • Disabled the 4/1 joke module and added an option to the "Misc" custom windows category to re-enable it

Version 2.0.1 - pre-release

  • Fixed Smarter A.S.S. getting locked in AUTO mode
  • Fixed GUI skin getting overridden by other plugins

Version 2.0.0 - pre-release

  • Total rewrite

Version 1.9.8

  • Better handling of disabled engines
  • Fixed using Launch to Rendezvous on a second launch
  • Removed fix for reversed speed in rotational frames as it was fixed in KSP 0.19
  • Fixed radial attach pods applying "magic torque"
  • Small fix for the Linux release on the AR202 part

Version 1.9.7

  • Fixed several exceptions on loading
  • Fixed the engine-on-strut fuel flow problem
  • Added Warp to Maneuver Node
  • Translatron now accepts floating point numbers

Version 1.9.6

  • Fixed MechJeb breaking on docking/undocking
  • "Control from here" will no longer cause spinning
  • Added SmartASS mode to align along maneuver node burn vector
  • Added check to prevent clicks from going through the vessel info window in the editor
  • Added "MechJebVesselStateUpdated" event. Other plugins can listen for this event and then modify MechJebCore.vesselState in the event handler to inform MechJeb of their capabilities.

Version 1.9.5

  • Fixes for KSP 0.18 compatibility
  • SmartASS PAR+/- will align along the axis of a targeted docking node
  • Rendezvous module and SmartASS now use in-game target selection system
  • Rendezvous module AN/DN readouts fixed
  • Added rendezvous module readout for closest approach time and distance
  • (Re)added rendezvous module auto-align orbits function
  • Ascent AP turn shape slider now shows a numerical percentage
  • Land-at-target will land safely on Duna, and will use saner warp speeds when waiting for the deorbit burn
  • Land is more aggressive for steep descents, but (hopefully) safer for shallow descents
  • Many bugfixes

Version 1.9.4

  • Fixes for KSP 0.17.1 compatibility;
  • Improvements to Autom8 functions and adding a standalone Autom8;
  • Vessel Information now includes delta-V predictions for each stage of the ship;
  • Vessel Information, can now display in the VAB/SPH too;
  • Added fix for Crew Tank compatibility;

Version 1.9.3

  • Extra-fixes for KSP 0.17 compatibility, including configuration saving/loading, LOW/HIGH warp support and the landing AP location picker;
  • Finally improved the menu opening time;
  • Fixed vessel activation problems;
  • Unlocked 100k time warp;
  • Added mechjeb.setLanding() to Autom8;
  • (probably) Fixed the sync problem in Autom8;
  • Fixed some problems with ObjectToLua;
  • Added "Angle to Prograde/Retrograde" to Orbital Information;
  • Added a Phase Angle Table;
  • Fixed light initialization problem in the AR202 part.
  • "Transfer to" button now displays time away from injection point as well as delta-v;
  • The TGT+/- in rendezvous mode now points correctly at the target;
  • Fixed bug with Pod 2.0 without the landing legs;
  • Fixed problem with Landing Autopilot in Kerbol orbit;
  • Stopped the Ascent Autopilot from closing the window on completion;
  • Added Surface/Current TWR to Vessel Information;
  • Fixed an issue where a ship would separate just after coming out of warp (Was in high warp, now at warp 0) and then trying to set warp 0 again.
  • Sepratrons now ignored in auto-staging.

Version 1.9.2

  • Changes for KSP 0.17 compatibility;
  • Added Lua interface for plugins;
  • Some bugfixes;

Version 1.9.1

  • Added (some) support for AtmosphericEngine;
  • Improved MechJeb steering;
  • Fixed settings problem with multiple MechJebs in the same vessel;
  • New Autom8 functions: thrustActivate, thrustDeactivate, stage, getModule, ilsHold, ilsLand;
  • Re-enabled Rendezvous module;

Version 1.9

  • Fixed MechJeb conflict with ASAS;
  • Fixed warp to Pe ignoring the time;
  • Added keep altitude and heading options to Instrument Landing System, and added a new automatic landing feature (beta);
  • Changes for KSP 0.16 compatibility;
  • New Autom8 module, with a Lua console (beta);

Version 1.8.4

  • Fixed TRANS's transfer to Minmus function (and transfers to the Mun from slightly inclined orbits);
  • Added an Instrument Landing System for spaceplane runway landings;
  • Improved MechJeb roll control;
  • More 0.15 compatibility bugfixes;

Version 1.8.3

  • Fixed the Core coffee intake;
  • Some more progress on RinComp integration;
  • Fixed Pod 2.0 "Landing Leg" attachment (still no auto-assembly);

Version 1.8.2

  • Merging RinComp with MechJeb;
  • Changes for 0.15 compatibility;
  • Disabled Pod 2.0 auto-assembly (incompatible with 0.15);

Version 1.8.1

  • TRANS burns that miss the target won't hang the game;
  • Fixed complete breakdown of MechJeb in solar orbit;
  • PE and AP+PE will reject a periapsis below the center of the planet;
  • Fixed failure of timed launch for rendezvous with targets above geosynchronous orbit;
  • Fixed bug where landing autopilot would not wait for deorbit burn point if it had deorbited before;
  • Changed the pod version reaction wheel forces;

Version 1.8

  • New MechJeb pod;
  • Changed MechJeb attitude controller to account for available torque and inertia;
  • New orbital operations module with:
  • Adjust Pe, Ap, or both at once;
  • Circularize;
  • Automatic trans-munar injection;
  • Auto-warp to Pe, Ap, or SOI change;
  • Ascent autopilot updates:
  • Added automatic launch window timing to rendezvous with an equatorial target;
  • Added an "Ascent Stats" display;
  • Added a "heading" input as an alternative to "inclination";
  • Landing autopilot updates:
  • Point-and-click landings: can click to select target location in map view;
  • "LAND at target" can now do an automatic, properly timed deorbit burn;
  • Can specify touchdown speed;
  • Smoother, safer landings since surface height is known well in advance;
  • Will predict landing site even for trajectories that go exoatmospheric to enable targeted suborbital hops;
  • Updated help windows for the ascent and landing APs;
  • Various bugfixes;

Version 1.7.3

  • Fixed Jeb's tampering with MechJeb systems

Version 1.7.2

  • Added the original AR202 case
  • Improved roll handling
  • Improved interface response among the modules
  • Improved KILL ROT
  • Landing autopilot now includes the old LAND system
  • Landing autopilot now have a DMS input mode
  • Translatron LAND mode has been refurbished into a PANIC!!! button
  • Lots of bugfixes

Version 1.7.1

  • Improvements to the reentry computer
  • Improvements to the LAND function

Version 1.7

  • Merged MechJeb with AR202
  • The_Duck's Landing Autopilot can now do a fully automated descent to a target location after the de-orbiting burn
  • Big changes in the way MechJeb handles the ship steering

Version 1.6.1

  • Fixed Pod version collider, could lead to problems in the VAB

Version 1.6

  • New MechJeb Unmanned Pod version!
  • LAND function greatly improved;
  • LAND now deploys landing gears;
  • Changed Smart A.S.S. modes to roll first, then pitch/yaw;

Version 1.5.1

  • Updated for 0.14.1 patch

Version 1.5

  • MechJeb now activates all IDLE parts upon disconnection, and disables decouplers;
  • Fixed some multi-MechJeb errors;
  • Added Kill Horizontal Speed to Translatron;
  • Added automatic LAND mode to Translatron;
  • Improved throttle control;

Version 1.4

  • New radial mount part;
  • Multiple MechJebs per craft allowed;
  • MechJeb can now control off-focus crafts, and will transform ejected debris containing it into a new controllable craft;
  • Translatron no longer needs Smart A.S.S. active to work;

Version 1.3

  • New 1m MechJeb part;
  • Added Translatron window;
  • Added thrust PID controller;
  • Fixed loading settings;
  • SURF 90 90 now keeps vessel orientation;
  • Text boxes now accept +/-;
  • Smart A.S.S. now shows active values for SURF;
  • New data in Orbital and Surface windows;
  • Relaxed MechJeb input locking restrictions;
  • Resetting PID controller in case of too much error;

Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed problems with the pause screen;

Version 1.2

  • Added Main, Orbital and Surface windows;
  • New PID controller, K settings on CFG file;
  • All window states are saved and shared among vessels;
  • MechJeb state is saved in the vessels and resumed at focus;
  • Added deadzone for joystick users;
  • HDG and PTH input sanitized;

Version 1.1

  • Decoupled MechJeb from the SAS/ASAS key;
  • Manual HDG/PTH entry;
  • Improved PID controller;
  • Window can now be "minimized";
  • Fixed special FX that weren't showing before;